Mission Statement/Passion Statement


Fire, in all of its many iterations, has always fascinated me, though there is a fire that mystifies me more deeply than anything else on the face of this earth; that being the fire behind the eyes of a passionate individual.

It is a truly engaging experience to see, in the midst of conversation, a connection that stokes the fires of someone’s passion. To see eyes widen, blood pumping, nostrils flaring, and hearing tonality of speech reaching new levels of intensity is not unlike seeing impassioned speeches delivered by commanders at the precipice of battle. Passion is a holistic belief in something, a willingness to be enthralled by it, connect with it, and tell anyone willing to listen why they might also love what it is that we are passionate about. There is a certain intoxicating calm that lay in the wake of a passionate speech, a sort of assurance that there is such a depth of love in this world that it might prove to ever elusively appear beautiful to us by discovering whatever it is that makes this world beautiful to someone other than ourselves.

My intent with this blog is to discover what it is that makes this world magical for those people who weave in and out of my life on a daily basis. I want to experience what it is that kindles warmth in the souls and minds of those who may see this world in an entirely different light than I do. In discovering passion I find a deep seated connection between people places and things that is almost staggering to comprehend while simultaneously gorgeous to behold.

I find that is is often simplest to ascertain someone’s passion by the recommendations they offer to others. I will take wholehearted recommendations into deep consideration and undertake to experience whatever it is that someone might suggest to me, so long as their suggestion is colored by a fire that alights their every word and pours from their facial expression in an inferno of passionate recommendation.

I’m curious, what will prove to be: By Thee, Recommended.


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