2013-04-18 11.56.24It’s a silent and primal urgency that pours through your window. The sun, oldest of motivation, beckons and bathes the world in a diffused purpose that may be found in the very fiber of all things. A breath of wind rattles the leaves of a tree, a bird calls from the heavens, and a must of damp soil rekindles awareness of the earth itself. A sense of peace emerges in the wake of spring’s arrival.

Today I set aside that which I had intended to write. Today, I want to listen to the world. Today I want to be humbled by the enormity of clouds, and become lost in the dazzling patterns of tree bark. Today I want to feel the warmth of the sun. Today I want to watch a shadow grow. Today I want to smell the earth, the monumental fragrance of possibility and growth that always reminds me of days gone by and those yet to come. This is a day to smile warmly as the distant melody of ice cream trucks remind us that a brighter world lies just beyond our door.

In short, dear reader, today I would like to write very little and walk very much. My natural predilection would hold me fast to my chair as my fingers furiously pounded on keys to produce a superabundance of drivel designed to showcase how “deeply” I’ve thought about a message I am trying to convey. However, today, I want to be outside.


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