In my continued efforts to sympathize with those who suffer from Celiac disease, I have continually tasted and profiled each beverage within my reach that bears the moniker of “Gluten Free Beer”. Beer emphasized due to the fact that there are little in the way of GF offerings that match the flavor profile of those beers we Americans consider in the realm of BEER. This is particularly troublesome for those who lust for the taste of “craft” beer and are thoroughly shocked by the taste of nationally available sorghum based GF beer that taste nothing like their barley based inspiration. I previously wrote a series of blogs in which I detailed the many offerings of GF beer, how they were made, and how they tasted relative to their barley laden kin. My conclusion from the series was that those that ask, “How does this taste?”, are actually asking, “Does this taste like beer?”. Unfortunately I was forced to theorize that those who suffered from gluten intolerance might best be suited by tempering their expectations of what beer tastes like that they wouldn’t be disappointed in something in a beer simply because it tasted different than they were used to.

Enter, the mold shattering beers of Gluenberg. These Canadian Captains of industry have released a full line of American Craft style beers that boldly stand in the way of physiological or self imposed gluten embargo’s and let the levy beak. Hear why I not only think their beers are the best GF beers for the craft enthusiast, but simply some of the best damn beer I have had in a while.

For those who would like to know about other GF offerings, here are links to my previous writings.

A perspective on the National offerings of Red Bridge, New Grist and Lakefront.

Unity Vibrations makes a very cool GF beer based on Kombucha.

Widmer Brothers of Oregon has found a way to remove gluten from traditional beer.

Finally, Epic Brewing co. released a wonderful GF beer that came close to being a pale ale.


2 thoughts on “Glutenberg Gluten Free Beer

  1. I have celiac disease, and I just found this beer this past August. I don’t really have a true gluten-filled beer for comparison, but I really like it and so have some of my friends. Thanks for reviewing a GF product from a gluten filled perspective. 🙂

    • I find it very important to cultivate familiarity with offerings from both sides of the table. If you find the Glutenator from Epic brewing co you should give it a try. Thanks for checking out the blog.

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