Tis the season! A 100 percent chance of complaint meets a disgruntled front emanating from homes to create a perfect storm of unseasonable misery guaranteed to pile your social media feeds under feet of colorfully profane descriptors of mother natures loathed precipitation.

A snow lover, such as I, can only hope to make the miserable masses find glimpses of glee within the crystalline water that blankets our earth, In this spirit, I make an attempt to help the seasonally challenged view the snow through rose colored glasses, that they might venture out into the snow for more reasons beyond having to. Here are 5 ways  to fight a surly attitude toward snow.

1. Consider using your hatred to incorporate war cries into your weather preparedness routine : Right before I leave the house, I always take a moment to stare mother nature in the hairy eyeball and speak in a lusty breath “CRY HAVOC! AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR”! I find that my mind becomes more geared toward accepting challenges I may encounter on my commute. I’m serious. I do this. Shakespeare not your thing? Perhaps Bill Pullman can rile you up… substitute alien references with snow.

2. Don’t have time to work out? You do now! Snow is even better than Gillian Anderson when it comes to screaming at you to get off your ass and work out. Bonus, a half hour worth of shoveling generally burns 288 calories. That amount of work earns you a serving of Ben and jerry’s, or a damn fine pint of beer!

3. Pretend you’re in an 80’s action flick while gearing up!  Ever since I first saw Batman Forever I’ve enjoyed the process of gearing up for ice fishing, camping, shoveling etc… let’s be honest, the film sucked, but it glorified the procedure of adorning clothing you most likely wouldn’t need. Throw on a kick ass soundtrack and mount up. Im a personal fan of the 80’s training montage playlist on Songza.

drinks of the season

4. Have I mentioned beer yet? How about seasonal beer?! Beers that are released for the winter months stand among my favorite that are available all year. There is nothing quite like tucking into a well deserved pint after some hardcore shoveling. I’ll also take an eggnog, whiskey and honey, wine, really anything to take off the chill and add some levity to the season. Bonus – the world becomes a massive fridge in the winter! Damn the confines of you ice box and load up!

5. Spend time with the ones you love outside.  All kidding aside, there is something truly romantic about the falling snow. There is a magic within the change of the world that defies explanation as a snowflake defies holding its shape in the warmth. Instead of binge watching(which is also an awesome reason to love the snow) take a night to play in the snow with the ones you love. After all, nothing will make you feel warmer, happier, more prepared, or jovial than the embrace of loved ones, regardless of the falling snow.

My Wife and I in the snow!


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