As I have decided to make more of a concerned effort to dedicate time to my voice acting, my mind grapples each week with the prospect of either creating or consuming. To simplify, I mean to say that I either want to enjoy stories in the form of books, movies, shows etc… or try to create my own stories that might potentially come to life in the minds of those around me,so long as I take the time to tell them.

I’ve been listening to the podcast Voice Acting Mastery, by Crispin Freeman and it has done nothing if not inspire me to “love the art in myself”. I have extrapolated this quote to encompass art as a whole. I envision art like a vast, glimmering ocean. From the oceanic “art”, there are contributing streams and rivers, as well as runoff streams and rivers. In my mind, I see myself as forming a tributary current into the art whenever I create stories of my own. In that way, others may form a “run-off” current from the vast art collective that may include my own art! That is truly a marvelous thing.

It is in this spirit that I feel confident allowing this week to be one of creation. There is a frightful wonder riding within me as I type, for this week I have decided to script a story that has not yet been told. This nervous anxious electricity reminds of what it felt like to believe as a child does, allowing the never before seen to become my oldest friend in an instant. In short – no audio this week, but a promise of a story to come.


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