20 Years Later, I Finally Completed My Book

It’s been so long since I last touched base about my book that I wouldn’t blame anyone for forgetting that I had written one in the first place. Well, long story short, writing is the easy part, editing is the hard part. Shocker.

I presented my Mom with the finalized manuscript on Mother’s day. She told me that when I was nine I informed her that I would write a book some day. It took me the better part of twenty years, Ma – sorry about the wait.

All my life I have been surrounded by the most kind, creative, and talented people imaginable. I hope this book brings them a fraction of the joy they have brought me.

Click here to find the book on Amazon. Currently, the book is only available on Kindle. The reason? Kindle allows authors to self-publish with an insanely convenient platform. Also, digital publishing allowed me to offer the book for only $0.99.  Want me to make printed copies? Want the book available in other digital formats? Let me know in the comments area.





I Wrote A Book!

Some time ago a man said to me, “under-promise and over-deliver.” Those were the  words that I constantly heard in my head as I finally began writing my own book.

To summarize as quickly as possible, I have wanted to write a book since I was 9 years old. I still vividly recall the first, less than a page long, short story that I wrote in the third grade. I recall it so vividly because I was certain it would propel me to stardom, never mind that I hadn’t bothered to publish it, write a second draft, edit for grammar etc… My point is, being a shade under 30 years old and having made no more attempts to write a novel since my third grade failure, I decided to knuckle down and write.

Starting January 1st,  2016, I made it my daily mission to put real effort into completing a novel of my own. I did not set out to write the great American novel, nor did I set out to write something famous, I set out to write a book. As of April 28th, 2016 I am happy to say that not only have I written a book, but I have now completed my second draft and will shortly be sending the book off to an editor for review.

I can say confidently that I had no idea how much work would go into writing the first and second draft’s of my novel, but I know damn well that my real work is just beginning. AS I am planning to self-publish the novel in various online platforms, I still have to create and finalize a cover image, secure a copyright, lay the groundwork for a small marketing campaign and so on…

The reason I wrote, and have always wanted to write, a book can be summarized in one word; inspiration. The movies, books, songs, and plays that have populated my imagination since childhood have woven a spell of inspiration in my mind that transcends enjoyment and calls for me to create. It may have taken me 30 years to discover how to respond to the calling, but, as they say, “better late than never.”

Check in through the coming weeks as I unveil my progress in finalizing the book.

Michigan Made Craft Beverages For Thanksgiving

Hear me offer my suggested pairings for all of the delightful and daunting moments of Thanksgiving dinner.

Featuring: Founders Breakfast StoutTart Side Of The Moon by Brewery Vivant, 3 Scrooges by Griffin Claw Brewing co, Nunica Pine by VanderMill, and Bill’s Michigan Wheat from New Holland Distilling

The Bandit Queen, A Kingly Feast

Located at 117B South Divison, The Bandit Queen offers a delectable new dining experience in Grand Rapids, a city begging for culinary diversity. From 5pm to midnight you can saddle up to the bar and sample their gorgeous noodle bowls, choose from a massive assortment of well selected teas, or tuck into a sweet treat produced in the adjoining Propaganda Doughnuts! If you enjoy the passion, presentation, and panache it takes to produce truly unique dining experiences, there is no doubt you will enjoy your time here.

A link to The Bandit Queen: http://www.thebanditqueengr.com/

A link to to Propaganda Doughnuts : http://www.propagandadoughnuts.com/#propaganda-doughnuts

The Golden Voice of the Great Lakes, Or Why I Want To Be A Voice Actor

As a young boy, my fathers voice boomed from loud speakers as he announced my peewee football games. Robin Williams simply breathed into Peter pan, a genie, an old woman, and a hopeful, if not complicated, doctor. Jim Carrey donned a mask and I tore around the neighborhood screaming AWOOGAHH! My mother read my brother and I to sleep, and for that, stories did not seem real unless they were punctuated by her laughter and the scent of Vicks on her chest. The whole of my upbringing seemed to be painted in the hues of rich character voices that turned the world into something more than just what I could see.

My father used to announce himself at games as “The Golden Voice of the Great Lakes”! Though the days of peewee football are long since gone, the power of his and so many other voices to inspire me into action is something I treasure so dear that I have made it my life’s ambition to follow in their footsteps and inspire wonders by painting the world with my voice. My hope is that I will paint with a shade of gold that my father and mother would be proud of.

Any Port In a Stormy

There is a lot to be said about feeling intangibly cool in a piece of clothing that is also practical. There is even more to be said about a piece of clothing that meets the above requirements and is made in Michigan. There is a slew of massive words to be slung about that piece of clothing also offering a LIFETIME guarantee. The Stormy Kromer hats and apparel have been proudly made in Michigan since 1903. Those who already own them belong to what may seem like a secret society of mid westerners that greet one another as old friends at the mere “tip of a hat”. I have little more pride for any of my clothing than I do for my Stormy Kromer gear. Please allow me to assault your ears with my praise of the company.