The Golden Voice of the Great Lakes, Or Why I Want To Be A Voice Actor

As a young boy, my fathers voice boomed from loud speakers as he announced my peewee football games. Robin Williams simply breathed into Peter pan, a genie, an old woman, and a hopeful, if not complicated, doctor. Jim Carrey donned a mask and I tore around the neighborhood screaming AWOOGAHH! My mother read my brother and I to sleep, and for that, stories did not seem real unless they were punctuated by her laughter and the scent of Vicks on her chest. The whole of my upbringing seemed to be painted in the hues of rich character voices that turned the world into something more than just what I could see.

My father used to announce himself at games as “The Golden Voice of the Great Lakes”! Though the days of peewee football are long since gone, the power of his and so many other voices to inspire me into action is something I treasure so dear that I have made it my life’s ambition to follow in their footsteps and inspire wonders by painting the world with my voice. My hope is that I will paint with a shade of gold that my father and mother would be proud of.


The Spirit And The Sprite, An Original Story For The Fall

As a child, I was captivated by those who could tell intriguing tales. Huddled around campfires, gathered around hearths, under blanket forts lit with a flashlight; these are the places that my imagination sprang to life. I have aspired to tell the sorts of tales that I was told while growing up. I hope you enjoy this tale of why the leaves fall each year.